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Stark 228pc Rotary Accessory Set


20pc Sanding Bands

2pc Rubber Mandrels for Sanding Bands

10pc Fiberglass Cut-Off Wheels

15pc Grinding Stones

2pc Rubber Polishing Wheels

5pc Polishing Hard Woolen Points

40pc Polishing Soft Woolen Wheels

36pc Silicon Cut off Wheels

1pc Dressing Stone

62pc Sanding Discs

3pc Stainless Steel Brushes

3pc Nylon Wire Brushes

3pc Copper Brushes

5pc Diamond Burrs

5pc HSS Burrs/Drills

2pc Screw Mandrel

1pc Mandrel

1pc Polishing Paste

6pc Aluminum Oxide Grinding Wheel

6pc Silicon Oxide Grinding Wheel


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